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About the Developer

Aspiring designer/developer with a taste for the functional and minimal, with 10+ years of experience in programming and design. Has an eye for details, and an awareness of the whole. Will unrelentingly refactor your code, and reason changes in comments with great verbosity.

Currently working at Web Force 5 as the Lead Developer for the Continuum Division. We're really good at websites so check us out!

Indie Game Projects

Drift King

Thom Yorke's Pro Drifter - Alpha build available

Unity, C#, Blender, Photoshop, Logic Pro

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Absurd 2D mayhem with your mates!

Unity, C#, Blender, Photoshop

Store page Demo

Mortalis Machina

Mortalis Machina

Mortalis Machina

An in development game about grappling hooks and time machines

Unity, C#

Professional Design Projects


A Webapp developed as part of a coding test.

MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js, Bootstrap, Sass

Demo Source

Greentree Redesign

An aging financial system from the 90s gets a refreshing redesign.

VB.NET, Bootstrap, Sass


Bachelor of IT Projects


A waypoint based navigator which automatically sorts destinations for a shortest route journey.

jQuery, Bootstrap

Demo Source


A Java game prototype where you traverse with hooks.

Java, AWT

Download Source


A web app for finding and purchasing exotic cakes.

jQuery Mobile

Demo Source

Eat Elegant

A web app developed for a mock faux-futuristic restaurant.

jQuery Mobile, Sass

Demo Source

Other Projects

Portfolio Blog

Keep up to date with my latest design postings.

Bootstrap, Custom Tumblr Theme, jQuery


Powershell Scripts

Allow me to automate your processes, and fix your servers.




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